Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What dontcha know?

A few things about me you may not know...

I love oysters. Oyster roasts, bucket of oysters, smoked oysters from a can (like sardines)... I do not however like oyster stuffing at Thanksgiving or raw oysters.

If you want to make me dinner, cook seafood and I will heart you furebber.

I do not run unless chased.

Butterscotch martinis and spearmint tic-tacs make me sneeze every time.

I've never broken a bone. Not even a little toe.

I've never been immunized. Chew on that one!

Generally speaking, I've always made A's and honor roll. Until I got to fine art school where A's don't exist unless you are some amazing artist phenom - and even then, they only allot one A per class. Even so, I managed to graduate with honors.

My gag reflex is often triggered by nothing. Underlying stress most likely, but often just out of nowhere.

I used to wear a thong bikini to the beach... those were the days!

I've never gotten a speeding ticket - or any ticket - besides when my meter ran out. (I have however been pulled over twice in my life)

I moved out at 17, my senior year in high school.

I have been to Europe 3 times, Mexico twice, and to Hawaii twice.

I prefer male doctors.

Things like pimples, wounds, smelly things generally don't gross me out. I could probably be a nurse.

I'm honest. I can't lie.

I have battled with self image issues and eating disorders. I won, though I am aware of ever present self criticism. Now I try to smother that out with self love, chubby butt and all!

The thing I want for Christmas is a beach cruiser with a basket on the front. There are no beaches here. There are mountains of snow at Christmas. But I don't care. {I GOT THE BIKE!!! Thanks to the best hubby ever! }

I can be hard on people but only to coax out the best in them. If I've been hard on you I will likely love you to death shortly thereafter.

I'm a Libra, I like balance.

The first two years I lived here I managed to never drive when its snowing. Last winter I did... but I will do everything in my power to avoid it.

Geoffrey and I have some serious history, beyond our current lives.

I'm sleepy... yawn...

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