Saturday, October 22, 2016

Anceint Grandmother Wisdom

Dear Grandmother,

You came to me in a dream this morning when my heart was broken. There are so many things our hearts carry, so many causes to be spoken for, injustices to be righted, and wounds to be healed. Sometimes your heart has to crack wide open in order to spill out TRUTH and LOVE. The pain in letting your heart crack wide open is paired with the joy of finding your truth and sending that love out to the universe. A process that needs to be done to be a compassionate member of this planet.

You came to me in a dream this morning, me sitting on your couch in your house on Salt Run and you leaning down and hugging me tight as I cried sounds from my heart that my lungs had never cried before. When I woke I felt the pain of the burdens of my heart and of this modern world and I remembered it's time to reconnect. You taught me this, how to honor nature, the cycles of life, and how to connect to God.

Grandmother, you were a thinker a writer, an activist, a free spirit, and as your friend Bob would say, "a member of the planet rather than a member of society". Grandmother, you were different and if you stood out or others questioned you, you stood up straight and faced it with grace. You were beautiful and strong in so many ways but most of all for your mind and your heart. Grandmother, we need more people like you and we still speak your name after you are gone from your earth home. I will be one like you.

This modern world pulls us in so many directions, demanding we pay attention to this, that, this, that, this, that and so often we forget to turn into the source and redirect our focus to the Divine. Grandmother, you directly left some ancient wisdom for me to pull from and for that I thank you. It's been waiting to be used and it's time to share my grandmother wisdom....

Nancy Rogers was always eager to teach her granddaughters.
Her "mind's journal" is a collection of spiritual ideas she gathered throughout her years. She studied every religion she came across. She interpreted and compiled messages about life in a journal her family knows well -- a journal that will passed down through generations.

Writing by Nancy from a women's workshop she led on The Purpose of Life
With A Song In My Heart
The music you are listening to was written by Hildegard von Bingen, one of the most creative, powerful and adept women in the history of womens liberation. She lived in a remote area of Germany in the 12th century. Her divine inspiration was acknowledged and her guidance sought by popes, emperors, and the leading theologians of the day. 

She broke away from the monastery where she was raised, and, over time, established three convents. The women who came to liver under her guidance practiced hymnody. Every three hours they stopped whatever they were doing- working, studying, sleeping - and placed themselves in the altered consciousness of song. Eight times each day they turned their FOCUS OF ATTENTION away from the mundane, and directed their FOCUS OF ATTENTION toward The Source and filled their thoughts with words of wisdom, love, praise, and thanksgiving (qualities and emotions seldom found in the modern world). Filling themselves, mind and body with melodious vibrations and joining their energies in exquisite, exultant harmony, they opened themselves to the Divine. 

Get comfortable, sit back and close your eyes and listen to a gifted and inspired woman's version of enlightenment. Let go of all outside concerns and allow yourself to float among these sounds. Let them help you. BE HERE NOW!