Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What dontcha know?

A few things about me you may not know...

I love oysters. Oyster roasts, bucket of oysters, smoked oysters from a can (like sardines)... I do not however like oyster stuffing at Thanksgiving or raw oysters.

If you want to make me dinner, cook seafood and I will heart you furebber.

I do not run unless chased.

Butterscotch martinis and spearmint tic-tacs make me sneeze every time.

I've never broken a bone. Not even a little toe.

I've never been immunized. Chew on that one!

Generally speaking, I've always made A's and honor roll. Until I got to fine art school where A's don't exist unless you are some amazing artist phenom - and even then, they only allot one A per class. Even so, I managed to graduate with honors.

My gag reflex is often triggered by nothing. Underlying stress most likely, but often just out of nowhere.

I used to wear a thong bikini to the beach... those were the days!

I've never gotten a speeding ticket - or any ticket - besides when my meter ran out. (I have however been pulled over twice in my life)

I moved out at 17, my senior year in high school.

I have been to Europe 3 times, Mexico twice, and to Hawaii twice.

I prefer male doctors.

Things like pimples, wounds, smelly things generally don't gross me out. I could probably be a nurse.

I'm honest. I can't lie.

I have battled with self image issues and eating disorders. I won, though I am aware of ever present self criticism. Now I try to smother that out with self love, chubby butt and all!

The thing I want for Christmas is a beach cruiser with a basket on the front. There are no beaches here. There are mountains of snow at Christmas. But I don't care. {I GOT THE BIKE!!! Thanks to the best hubby ever! }

I can be hard on people but only to coax out the best in them. If I've been hard on you I will likely love you to death shortly thereafter.

I'm a Libra, I like balance.

The first two years I lived here I managed to never drive when its snowing. Last winter I did... but I will do everything in my power to avoid it.

Geoffrey and I have some serious history, beyond our current lives.

I'm sleepy... yawn...

Sunday, October 10, 2010


The past two days have been very much fall. We rose this morning to do yoga at Sloans Lake. The sun was peaking out but gave way to the low lying clouds that drizzled us with rain. The breeze was cold but gentle and we attempted to create heat through our practice. I can only speak for myself - my toes were cold but my heart big and warm. I think we all felt warm inside. Our yoga teacher actually thanked US for coming to class... on her wedding day!

Today Todd Raabe and Angela McLinden are getting married! 10/10/10. It's overcast and damp out but I'm sure they will have a magical day - sharing their wedding vows at Chautauqua park in Boulder with their 4 teenage boys :)

As for Geoffrey and I, we stopped by Toast (a small liquor & wine store on 23rd St. near Sloan's Lake) for some red wine for the afternoon. Then to get ingredients for a chicken and rice baked casserole. Home with some blankets, a little football, a hot casserole in the oven - the fireplace is on for the first time this season and I welcome it with open arms. The season to be thankful! :) I am thankful for my sleepy cuddly puppy, a warm home when its cold outside, food for our souls, our yoga practice that keeps us in touch, and beautiful sweet friends to share this life with.


Saturday, October 9, 2010


Last night I hosted our book club meeting and had a great time! I love my ladies :) One thing I know is that we don't get together often enough! I relish my girl time. When women get together it can be a bit of a balancing act because we all have so many things to talk about and so many perspectives to share. Many thanks to my sweet friend Naomi for staying and chatting with me late into the night. (Thanks to Jason for being out of town, haha!)

Our book was "Female Nomad and Friends" by Rita Gelman Goldman. The food was inspired by our own travels. We dined on Mediterranean pastas, Spanish meats and cheeses, grilled flatbread with peaches, cheeses, prosciutto, & arugula, caprese salad, chocolate, raspberry, & almond torte... and sangria! Funny because we all picked a contribution to the dinner separately but they complimented each other so well! Book club is a really great way to end the week. Food. Friends. Travel stroies and recipes. The season is here to be thankful and reflective and I sure am thankful for the women in my life :) Jill is hosting next and I'm really excited to see her new place and start a new book! Life is good.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Slowing down the expectations of life?

Whoa heavy! This is what my husband responded with when I asked him what I should blog about tonight. Geoffrey drops stuff on me like that from time to time. I say full speed ahead!

Take time to enjoy each day, but do not expect to slow this life down. It plows on, and on, and on - as steady and constant as time always will be. Maybe there is something to this...

Slowing down the expectations of life...

Positive thoughts without attachments? This is a mantra our yoga teacher Angela McLinden has told us, and I actually use it often. Sounds like Geoffrey does too. We do need to be here now - not looking forward and not looking back. Just living, not expecting it all to go as you planned because it won't!

What imagery do you see now? I'm a visual person. This is what happens when I google "Slowing down the expectations of life":

My man sure knows what he's talking about, doesn't he? And that is why I love him.

~ Namaste ~

Monday, October 4, 2010


Ya, I'm not so sure what I should write about right now. I've overdue again so it's time to get going... but what about?

Life has been full of good things as September came to an end. I'm now 28 years young. We've been to Winter Park for Naomi's wedding and then Aspen for my birthday. We're still doing our outdoor yoga classes in October. I am very thankful for that!

One Thursday morning we met for sunrise yoga. We started (and ended) in Savasana, down dog, and then moved through our flow. Then I felt something in my hair, like a stick or leaf. I reached up and pulled it out, looked down and saw this:

How this bee did not sting me as I held it pinched in my fingers I do not know. But again, I am thankful for that! I pulled a bee from my hair - yikes!

OK, this is all for now! Off to tend to my boiling artichoke.