Sunday, October 10, 2010


The past two days have been very much fall. We rose this morning to do yoga at Sloans Lake. The sun was peaking out but gave way to the low lying clouds that drizzled us with rain. The breeze was cold but gentle and we attempted to create heat through our practice. I can only speak for myself - my toes were cold but my heart big and warm. I think we all felt warm inside. Our yoga teacher actually thanked US for coming to class... on her wedding day!

Today Todd Raabe and Angela McLinden are getting married! 10/10/10. It's overcast and damp out but I'm sure they will have a magical day - sharing their wedding vows at Chautauqua park in Boulder with their 4 teenage boys :)

As for Geoffrey and I, we stopped by Toast (a small liquor & wine store on 23rd St. near Sloan's Lake) for some red wine for the afternoon. Then to get ingredients for a chicken and rice baked casserole. Home with some blankets, a little football, a hot casserole in the oven - the fireplace is on for the first time this season and I welcome it with open arms. The season to be thankful! :) I am thankful for my sleepy cuddly puppy, a warm home when its cold outside, food for our souls, our yoga practice that keeps us in touch, and beautiful sweet friends to share this life with.


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