Monday, October 4, 2010


Ya, I'm not so sure what I should write about right now. I've overdue again so it's time to get going... but what about?

Life has been full of good things as September came to an end. I'm now 28 years young. We've been to Winter Park for Naomi's wedding and then Aspen for my birthday. We're still doing our outdoor yoga classes in October. I am very thankful for that!

One Thursday morning we met for sunrise yoga. We started (and ended) in Savasana, down dog, and then moved through our flow. Then I felt something in my hair, like a stick or leaf. I reached up and pulled it out, looked down and saw this:

How this bee did not sting me as I held it pinched in my fingers I do not know. But again, I am thankful for that! I pulled a bee from my hair - yikes!

OK, this is all for now! Off to tend to my boiling artichoke. 

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