Friday, September 17, 2010

Dear Life - rivers and tides

You rock! You seriously do!

I'm watching Food Network of course and I got inspired. Food is art. Food is life. I live and I love art. I love art that changes. Here I am with a BA major in graphic design, minor in fine art and I can't think of the name of that type of art. I'm sure it fits into a category. Like Christo and his fabric or the guy who makes eggs out of rocks and sculptures from ice cycles! HE'S AMAZING! Oh wait... wait..

Google time.... hold please... Andy Goldsworthy! Yessss. Enjoy...

Ok, if any of my fellow Flagler Art Students remember please tell me, what is this "type" of art called? Don't you miss the days when our noses were shoved so far up art books we could talk about this with ease and please and we sure were artsy weren't we ;) and we still are, but its different than being a student of art (and yes I know I'm forming a very long run-on sentence and I'm ok with that, see? because I can).

Happy September!

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