Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September! The Golden month & time to celebrate MEEEE!

Holy Moly do I love this month! I feel like September is enchanted, especially in Colorado when the summer suddenly slams itself into full blown fall and then by the end of September it honestly could turn into winter with just one cold front! In fact, last year, we had a big snow storm in the middle of October - snow for 3 days straight and we even had snow days off from work! But that is nothing enchanting, not like when the Aspen trees change colors within a weeks time; when you drive into the mountains and see one thing, then drive out the next day and see something completely different.

The air gets crisp and cool but not cold and the sun still shines, shines, shines. Everything is golden in September. Leaves on the ground, the plains of grass, the aspen trees, pumpkins growing, September 29th I turn 28. I'm pretty excited about it and even though September is golden, its not my "golden" birthday yet; I turn 29 on the 29th in 2011.

This year the birthday plan is to go to Aspen to see the aspens! I've been to Steamboat, Glenwood, and Vail for my birthday before but not all the way to Aspen, Colorado. We're looking into little cabins or maybe a condo near town. It's going to be enchanting and oh-so-September!!! Just take a look at this place, yes, we're going to see the Maroon Bells :) Click it for a larger view. AHmazing!

Here's a photo of our house in the fall. Just look at all those leaves! Yikes.

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