Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Replacements & reflections (drafted last Saturday)

Without having to get into too much detail, we are finally at the point where we can buy new things after the break in. Replacements. One BIG expense will be my new laptop and the design software I need. I used to "share" any type of software in college and I always felt partially guilty for doing that. Also, you cannot upgrade your software if needed. For instance, looking at getting Adobe Creative Suite CS5 it is only $500 to upgrade but the full price is $1,300. If you every "share" software, you aren't eligible for a mere $500 upgrade. You must pay full price, like your a design virgin being christened for the first time. Maybe I am :) We are ever changing, aren't we?

I'm really looking forward to some replacements because I'm bored with board games! UGH. Enough already. Lets paint or something :)

The creativity and energy in my life is very high right now. Pretty awesome. I do feel some type of shift, I think it mirrors the changes in the seasons. All of the sudden I feel a shift in energy, a much welcomed one at that.

I like my sentences long, and cut in half with a comma. Ha ha.

Today we hiked up to Maxwell Falls, which is a trail near Evergreen/Conifer/Aspen Park. It was a lovely hike where we gained a bit of elevation and made it up to a treeline where we were exposed to the sun, surrounded by little trees. I love little things <3 It was a 2 1/2 hour round trip hike (without breaks). At the top of the falls we sat and I put my feet in the could mountain water, always a Colorado-hike-bonus! I had some fresh dark cherries, almonds, and walnuts packed. Oh, and Geof filled our camelbacks with ICE water. That was a pleasant surprise! It's all about the little things isn't it? Yessss.

For a post hike reward we had lunch at an outdoor patio place (patio comes first, food second) and had Mr. Collins with us. He was being chased by a King Soopers bag (think American Beauty) and was beyond spooked! He gets nervous sometimes. So do I, so I feel for the lil guy. On I-70 there was a grated section of road under construction and Collins scrambled (literally) into my lap in the front seat. He could not handle the sounds and bumps of the grated road.

Speaking of rewards, we were saying how cliche it is to say "the reward for the uphill is the downhill". Seems like a small reward for a big commitment to me. Using your core and agility to avoid blowing our your knee as you practically jog downhill for an hour on lose rocks and roots is not exactly a reward. Lets talk food, drinks, foot rubs, hot showers, and the like. That's my kind of reward!

One of many things I've learned from yoga these past few weeks has been to "enjoy the journey" not just the destination/reward. Reflect upon reflecting as you hike through nature is far more a reward than having say, a margarita and fish tacos. All the time you've taken to think, play, work, reflect, rest, push, praise is THE ultimate reward.

So lets enjoy the journey!

Yoga tomorrow at Sloans Lake.
Wine and candles and guitar for now.
Sweet dreams!

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