Thursday, September 9, 2010


I'm just going to write thoughts as they come and not try to edit them too much.

It's 8pm. Geof is on the sofa watching the first football game of the season - Saints vs. Vikings - and "exercising" with some weird giant rubber band he bought at Target in the $1.00 section. The Saints are cool, they are strong spirited people. Football is over-rated x 100. We had a light early dinner at Gallop Cafe today and the owner (or manager, I don't know) said he gave up on watching football 15 years ago when the "big strike" took place. He asked if we remembered. We did not, we were thinking about lifeguarding and the beach with friends since we were 14 and 12.

I do like making football food though. Nothing better than a crisp cool day to be in the kitchen and a happy full hubby who's beyond content. That is fall. Fall is my favorite season of the year. FAVORITE. Fall is a mixture of cool and warm weather - cool and warm activities - all swirled together in one big helping of yummy good-life!

Instert Quote: Geof:
"Watch, after this season I'm going to be jacked from watching football" (as he flexes with rubber band).


I order waters at restaurants but usually don't drink much of it. Denver Water would not be pleased. Sorry Denver Water, I like options. Like wine and water. Usually wine wins. But I like options.

I love to cook but I also appreciate good cooking so I like to go out more than we actually can afford to. Or maybe I want to because we can't afford to and if we could I wouldn't crave it so much. That isn't true because I get so inspired with the shows on "the TV" that I seek it out in real life. Its a part of the process.

I failed at a garden this year. BUT I did grow some basil from seed and we "harvested" some for caprese salads this summer. No basil has ever tasted better and that motivates me to REALLY get a garden going next spring. I think I'll buy starter plants instead of starting from seed though. You really need a grow light if you want to start from seed because their growth becomes stunted. We wasted a few months on that and I respect my own efforts, while thinking smarter not harder for the next go-round.

I'm getting all hooked up again with new design tools. I won't say too much about it other than I'M STOKED!

I hate starting my sentences with I because I think in high school I learned it meant bad writing. I...

I wonder if I'm pregnant?

This didn't really go as planned. I thought I was going to make a list - a list of things that inspire me, make who I am, make me think, those types of things. I like lists.

Do you remember when you would go to orientation night for school and get your supply list? That was always the funnest list EVER for me! It meant new pencils and markers and paper and bags to hold things and tools like a ruler or compass or calculator and A NEW BACKPACK.

Old Spice advertising is redic and I appreciate its absurdity.

My 28th birthday is coming up! I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!

Football is still on? This is going to be a long season... Better get cooking.

p.s. Does anyone know how I can create "buttons" for my blog pages and to share?

p.s.s. Thanks for reading :)

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