Friday, May 28, 2010


This summer has turned out to be a spectacular one full of many travels and ohhhh how I LOVE TRAVELS! First, I planned a trip to the Florida Keys with my sister and nephew (3 weeks ago). The ocean heals me and it was so much fun being around my little love nugget, Rylan.

This Sunday I'm heading to O'ahu, Hawaii with my husband. He has a job there and I get to go with, playing the part of a nicely kept wife! Ohhhh how I love being a wife! We will be staying at the Courtyard Marriot in Waikiki for a week. Mr. Miller will be working while I play, but he'll have some play time too. I plan to hike waterfalls and sniff flowers at the botanic gardens and swim with the Humuhumukununukuapua and eat pineapples and make Leis and dream and read and be thankful.

Then back to Denver for two weeks and we'll be heading to Charleston, South Carolina for our one year wedding anniversary! This is one sweet life <3

I must say, these travels are eating at a nice chunk of our fundage but guess what? WHO CARES?! You only live once and ya can't take it with ya when you die! Working is not living. Traveling, experiancing new things, challenging yourself to be bold and free IS living and I suggest you get off your hiney and go somewhere. PLEASE, go! Just. Go.

A few travel tips:
  • Set a budget and stick to it. Even if its an itty bitty one, you can make an awesome weekend trip happen if you do your research and get creative.
    • Read up on free things to do: hiking, swimming, visiting historic sites
    • Pack a soft cooler and a few essentials (cups, wine key, small knife, napkins, a few plastic bags to fill with ice). Then stock up on a few things you can make meals from so you don't have to eat out every time. We get hummus, fruit, cheeses, lunch meat, bread, yogurt and that lasts us a few days.
    • Go to an early happy hour instead of a late dinner. Most places have really great drink and eat specials for 1/2 the price! Do that a few days and then you can splurge on a fancy dinner out one night
    • Coupons! Sounds dorky but there are SO many coupons online for all kinds of things, like 2 for 1 admission or wine tastings. $1.00 off here and there adds up when you are jet setting
  • Use your legs! Seeing things by foot gives you a real sense of "being here now", feeling the pulse of the new place you are in.
  • Tripadvisor Reviews: Its a free travel guide where you can gather travel information and see what others are saying about the places you want to eat, sleep, or play at. Its VERY helpful, especially when picking out hotels. The bad reviews save you from being dissapointed in a place and have suggestions of other places instead.
  • Sign up for Choice Hotels and other frequent travel sites (Frontier, Delta, etc) so you can start collecting points for free stays. It might take a while but you earn for every stay and it will add up eventually. Book all travels for you and your significant other under your log in and start working towards free trips!
  • Go to and read articles on insider tips to save money and have a BLAST wherever it is you want to go! These people do this for a living, isn't that an awesome job?!
  • Ask the locals. They will tell you what is a rip off, what is a must do, and what you should shell out some change for.
I hope you enjoy the travel tips and here's some photos of some of the recent things I've done!

National Redwood Forest, California
Wine Country and Redwood Forest Road Trip
Summer July 4th trip to Lake Dillon (check out those mountains!)
Wine Country for Valentines Day
Cabin in Alamosa, Colorado - Birthday  Weekend
Boating on Grand Lake, Colorado
Wine Country Labor Day Weekend
Pier 39 - San Francisco Labor Day Weekend
Mallory Square - Key West sister trip
Camping trip Rocky Mountain National Park
Somewhere in Kansas
36 hour Road Trip to Indiana and back for Mr. Collins
St. Augustine Trip for Rylans 2nd Birfday
Weekend Snowshoe Mountain Trip - Colorado
Honeymoon in Mexico
Snorkel and Sailing trip - Cozumel, Mexico
White water rafting the Cache le Poudre
Wedding weekend in the mountains

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beyond the details

So often our perspective gets clouded with all the minor details, the insignificant things that can ruin your entire day, that we worry over and focus on. The driver that cut you off, the coffee you spilled on your new shirt, the shitty cube without a view you sit in day after day after day, the word CUBICLE (yuck), the rained out backyard BBQ you planned, the dog poop you just stepped in on your way out of the door to go out to dinner, the lady who gave you a bad hair cut, the skinny jeans in your closet saying to you every day "you can't wear me, you're not skinny today", someone stole your favorite bike, the bank account is NEVER as full as you want it to be...

We worry so much about the details we forget about the big picture. Then, every so often, something SNAPS us back to reality, grounds us. Finally, we feel our roots dig down deep and our spirits lifted and we can see PAST the details and remember what life really is about. Living this life to its fullest. Don't sweat the small stuff. Be thankful. Be the best person you can be.

Stephanie Nielson has reminded me (again) and I'm thankful she shares her life, her positivity, her blog with the world. Check out this short film about her life, her faith, and her new life.

Nie Nie's Video: My New Life