Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beyond the details

So often our perspective gets clouded with all the minor details, the insignificant things that can ruin your entire day, that we worry over and focus on. The driver that cut you off, the coffee you spilled on your new shirt, the shitty cube without a view you sit in day after day after day, the word CUBICLE (yuck), the rained out backyard BBQ you planned, the dog poop you just stepped in on your way out of the door to go out to dinner, the lady who gave you a bad hair cut, the skinny jeans in your closet saying to you every day "you can't wear me, you're not skinny today", someone stole your favorite bike, the bank account is NEVER as full as you want it to be...

We worry so much about the details we forget about the big picture. Then, every so often, something SNAPS us back to reality, grounds us. Finally, we feel our roots dig down deep and our spirits lifted and we can see PAST the details and remember what life really is about. Living this life to its fullest. Don't sweat the small stuff. Be thankful. Be the best person you can be.

Stephanie Nielson has reminded me (again) and I'm thankful she shares her life, her positivity, her blog with the world. Check out this short film about her life, her faith, and her new life.

Nie Nie's Video: My New Life

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