Monday, August 5, 2013

A Libra and her throat chakra

Vishuddha (throat) chakra is known as the purification centre. In its more abstract form, it is associated with higher discrimination, and it is associated with creativity and self-expression. When Vishuddha is closed, we undergo decay and death. When it is open, negative experiences are transformed into wisdom and learning. Guilty feeling is the most prominent reason for this chakra to block the Kundalini Energy moving upwards. - wikipedia

I'm a Libra, the sign of the scales and I'm constantly striving for balance. Personally speaking, I think I do a good job maintaining balance but this could be because how I go about obtaining balance is a constant thread in my daily life. Too much work, I find time to play. Feeling confused, I make time to meditate. Not treating my body as good as I can, I take note and take steps to fix that - like more yoga, less indulgence, more water. Of course, life ebbs and flows and things get out of balance regardless of our best efforts to avoid it. Recently I came across, "A balanced Libra is naturally and deeply concerned with the processes of giving and receiving love". This is so right on and why I have subconsciously (and consciously) adopted One Love, One Life as my mantra. One Love, One Heart, One God, and so on. It's all love, we are one, and love is my religion. I mean, God is love, right? Makes sense to me!

I digress... Seeking balance has led me to know this about myself: My throat chakra is easily put off of balance. It's hard to explain, but it sort of feels like a lump in my throat. It's restricted and tight and my shoulders knot up. This summer I've been paying special attention to that fact and doing a few healing techniques to keep things in check such as singing, dancing to music, humming, listening to the wind chime outside which is tuned to "A", meditating on the color sky blue, blogging (journaling), and reading out loud. I'll admit, most of my singing, dancing, and reading out loud is for Asher but I've being doing it more frequently, keeping in mind that all of those vibrations are healing for me too.

I found this information on the Fifth Chakra or Vishuddha, on the Om Times website: and
The throat chakra is located in the neck, and operates from an awareness of others and the development of love and compassion. This is the place where your authentic voice is expressed. The throat is a meeting place where you assimilate what is brought in from the outside and a departure point for your thoughts and feelings. This chakra may also be linked to addictive behavior. If you suppress your true feeling or ignore deeper pain issues you will need a coping mechanism to self-sooth. The throat chakra is also a bridge between body and head. When it is open there is clear communication between mind and heart. There it balances compassion, wisdom and thought, feeling and giving and receiving. If open this chakra can transform negative to positive and heal your inner wounds. The archetypes for this chakra are silent child and communicator.
Silent child suppress its emotions and feelings. The unexpressed feelings include frustration, anger and violence. It chooses to hold on to feelings rather than to express them and does not want to expose its hurt, pain, anger and possibly abuse. Sometimes these emotions can be channeled to a creative outlet. It is also possible that they may remain unexpressed and stagnate and fester.  It may try to cope with its pain by using drugs, nicotine, food and alcohol to lessen its feelings. It learns to feel safe by locking away and hiding feelings or masking them with humor. Locking these feelings away rather than expressing, weakens the energy of this chakra. It fears experiencing the pain as well as opening the possibility of rejection and further hurt.  Swallowing away words and feelings the silent child closes its energy center and weakens its life force. This archetype struggles to make itself heard and to feel it matters. It finds outlets for expression in creative arts, such as dancing, acting or music. Feeling less important than those around it, makes it difficult to communicate needs and feelings. Those feelings can turn to rage and grief. These feelings along with frustration from never being heard, sinks down into its consciousness. It is in mourning the loss of self that the silent child begins to heal. It learns to speak up and be heard. Because feelings have been held back for so long the first sounds silent child makes may be grunts, groans and tantrums. They reflect the original wounding of not feeling seen, heard and loved. Creative expression may be to easiest first steps towards authentic expression of self. This would allow silent child to open the door and express the energy that has been held and suppressed. There it has the opportunity to express its individuality, inner truth and find the freedom to communicate while releasing and transforming pain.
The Communicator has taken responsibility for expressing how it feels, what it needs and what it wants from life. It has learned how this dissipates negative energy and allows more positive energy in. Speaking up and being heard allows direct connection to higher self. The communicator speaks from higher self and expresses itself with clarity and purpose. It has acknowledged that gossip, criticism, and cursing is negative expression that does not support its development. Negative expression can wound well-being. The communicator is mindful of the words it chooses, in both what it says and what it absorbs. It is sincere and always chooses the right action.  The communicator stands by its word and is trust worthy, and has personal integrity. It overcomes all negativity by being direct, honest and positive. It understands the healing power of the spoken word.  Speaking from both mind and heart it is able to communicate its feelings and thoughts in a way that empowers both itself and the listener. It understands its inner truth and recognizes the free will of others, thus it never tries to manipulate or force others. It instead clearly communicates with others and supports the well-being of all. - Lynn Zambrano R.N.
How to clear and balance your throat chakra:
Using the voice is an obvious tool to balance this chakra. Sing songs, hum the mantra HAM or any sounds you like, breathe consciously and feel the air in your airways. Express your feelings and thoughts, give your opinion. Take time to listen to what others have to say in a conversation. If the weather is clear, go outside and gaze at the clear blue sky. Otherwise use blue images or artworks or materials as color therapy.

By tuning into and listening to what my body is telling me, sometimes the problem becomes quite clear. If only I always had the clarity and introspection to stop and listen, but life gets in the way, right?! I've learned most of these tuning in and balancing skills through practicing yoga over the past 15 years or so... which reminds me I really owe myself some time on my mat!