Saturday, September 4, 2010

To be - or not to be- a planner

So what does it mean when you're "not a planner"? I have a hard time with the concept because I love to plan things. It's essential! It's fun!It's so much a part of me I don't understand what it would be like NOT to plan things. It brings joy to my lil heart!!!
I planned my wedding but that seemed easy; I had a year and a half to complete the task(s). I plan all of our vacations. I have methods for researching and squeezing what I need to know out of the Internet. Trip Advisor is a valuable tool but I feel it is somewhat underused. I don't make an iternerary usually, just have handfuls of ideas on things to do, places to find, and where to eat. A tool box for our travels, if you will. :) I heart planning things, and I do feel sad for people who hate to plan or at least don't know how to go about it.

Geoffrey is not a planner. The funny thing is, he knows this about himself yet is still surprised when things don't go "as he planned". Yes, most rooms/campsites/cabins will be rented three weeks before hand. No, you can't just pick up the phone with credit card in hand and expect the exact room with the perfect view in the perfect place on your dates to be available! In his defense, you really have two options in Colorado as far as activities go (assuming you don't have family who own houses in Colorado Springs & Breckenridge & Golden ----> Mark Simon <----). Those options are 1) book things in advance. Way in advance. Want a cabin for next summer? Rent it now. Want to go on a camp trip? Maybe a few months from now you'll be able to book a site. Option 2) Pack your bags and go. Plan on sleeping in your car if you don't find a site, but have faith and an adventurous spirit and set out to find a camp site, you'll probably get lucky and fine something cool.

My 29th birthday is around the corner so I've been watching the hubs search for THE perfect place to no avail. When he asked me what I wanted the accommodations to be I said: cabin or something secluded'ish, fireplace/fire pit, red wine/hot cocoa/blanket, near Aspen. Unfortunately, cabins have been rented out for months because apparently, my idea of  a perfect Colorado weekend in the mountains belongs to many! I told you it was an enchanting time of year...

This morning begins our 3 day weekend and we are in bed still. Geof is watching tv, I'm watching my empty coffee cup and sending mental messages to the hubs >>> you WANT to get up in the 62 degree house ((fall is here)) and make us some more coffee with soy milk - yes you want tooooo-<<<< . We were just thinking what we could do today and I remembered its the first Saturday and the art museum is free. Free? Yes please!

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