Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Slowing down the expectations of life?

Whoa heavy! This is what my husband responded with when I asked him what I should blog about tonight. Geoffrey drops stuff on me like that from time to time. I say full speed ahead!

Take time to enjoy each day, but do not expect to slow this life down. It plows on, and on, and on - as steady and constant as time always will be. Maybe there is something to this...

Slowing down the expectations of life...

Positive thoughts without attachments? This is a mantra our yoga teacher Angela McLinden has told us, and I actually use it often. Sounds like Geoffrey does too. We do need to be here now - not looking forward and not looking back. Just living, not expecting it all to go as you planned because it won't!

What imagery do you see now? I'm a visual person. This is what happens when I google "Slowing down the expectations of life":

My man sure knows what he's talking about, doesn't he? And that is why I love him.

~ Namaste ~

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