Saturday, October 9, 2010


Last night I hosted our book club meeting and had a great time! I love my ladies :) One thing I know is that we don't get together often enough! I relish my girl time. When women get together it can be a bit of a balancing act because we all have so many things to talk about and so many perspectives to share. Many thanks to my sweet friend Naomi for staying and chatting with me late into the night. (Thanks to Jason for being out of town, haha!)

Our book was "Female Nomad and Friends" by Rita Gelman Goldman. The food was inspired by our own travels. We dined on Mediterranean pastas, Spanish meats and cheeses, grilled flatbread with peaches, cheeses, prosciutto, & arugula, caprese salad, chocolate, raspberry, & almond torte... and sangria! Funny because we all picked a contribution to the dinner separately but they complimented each other so well! Book club is a really great way to end the week. Food. Friends. Travel stroies and recipes. The season is here to be thankful and reflective and I sure am thankful for the women in my life :) Jill is hosting next and I'm really excited to see her new place and start a new book! Life is good.

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