Sunday, March 21, 2010


It might not be the beachy, rum filled days at reggae Sunday, but its still reggae in our own way. Denver stylie. Today we woke and went for a nice long walk to the park with the lake. We're still not sure of the name. Either Rocky Mountain Lake Park or the park by Lakeside or Berkley park, the locals in our area seem to call the string of those few parks by the same name and none of us know which is which.

Collins is almost 8 months old. He's a pill. He's about 42 pounds and can easily knock me off balance if he decides to give me a good tug, either to chase geese, eat goose poop, or chase small screaming children. Geoffrey can strong arm him better than I, but he's no less stressed by our English Springer Spaniel and his unbounding enthusiasm. One day, we hope and pray, he will be older and more tired.  :) Or maybe this is just GREAT practice for bebes!

With a springer puppy, there is no real stress free time. They are really awesome dogs but have a quirky high energy level so from day to day it is hard to tell what will "work" to give him what he needs. Some days he sleeps. Some days he freaks. Every day he gets a good hike , has a full back yard and doggie door at his dispense, has several things to tug and squeak, and happily chews through a rawhide treat. We met a dude named Joel at our park across the street, who had a 2 1/2 year old springer, a girl named "Tally Ho" or something. We threw the ball and Frisbee with our two crazy dogs and each time, Tally would kill it, beating Collins to the ball. He was busy watching her go, I think... just like his dad.

After all that "fun" we decided to put Collins in his kennel and go to BRUNCH. If you don't know us well, here's a hint, we love Sunday brunch! There are some killer restaurants in our area that do a beautiful brunch as well as bottomless mimosas. I got crab cakes eggs benedict, eggs poached hard (muy importante) and this is the first time I will tell you but not the last, that I love hot sauce! A product of my pops and St. Augustine dattle peppers, undoubtedly. SUNDAY FUNDAY! Like I said, not reggae Sunday on a floating dock in Florida, but we soak up the sun in Colorado where mimosas flow like H2O and every little thing, it gonna be ahright!

We sit down and I happen to notice how or table looks different than the others. Geoffrey notices as well. The husband sees me and quickly grabs the flowers from the table next to us, competing our pretty brunch setting. He does this with candles as well, because he knows how much the little things mean to me. He would probably phrase it more like "particular" but that is ok. I may be a little particular but in a lovely way :)

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  1. Sounds like Collins is a bit like Henry, crazy and FULL of energy! Now after having Herny and our little guy, I will tell you, Henry was definitely MORE work and still is MORE work than Mitchell. Of course they have different needs, but none-the-less sounds like Collins is great preparation for a new Miller addition :-)