Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Live what you love

Spring from the drivers seat ~ taken yesterday

I've carried the saying One Love. One Life. around in my pocket for many years now. At least 10 years. My sister got this tattooed on her writsts in Tibeten and I felt totally robbed when I found out! Funny how we think we can coin things as our own, when really if we love it so much, then share the love!

I found this website and encourage you to click around, take a peak, I love the saying most of all so I'm going to make a print out of it for one of my walls, like the one below. This is what "one love, one life" means to me, it means to live what you love, appreciate the journey, and don't take this life for granted!

Bob and Melinda Blanchard are bestselling authors and successful entrepreneurs who are passionately committed to a simple but profound belief: We are all entitled to live a life we love... They say "it all began when we decided to follow our dreams and live what we love" & "Little threads make big patterns." & "If you want it, make it." & "Trust it or adjust it."

Doesn't it annoy you when people make it sound that simple? It annoys me because it really is that simple yet there always seems to be something in the way, or something you've got to "take care of" or wait for or worry about before just diving right in and following your dreams and doing ALL the things that truly make you happy, the things you just LOVE. I feel like I'm teetering on the cusp of some discovery. I've had this feeling before and have followed my instincts and the outcome was beautiful! Even the baby steps count so take some now and then be proud of yourself for doing so because the best thing about all of this is;

you can start, where you are!

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