Saturday, March 27, 2010

Collins and the onion...

Since we have a home, we're really trying to make use of the yard we so deeply desired to have when we purchased it. This year we're doing a vegetable garden. and fingers crossed; I'll let you know how it goes. Along with the garden we have started a compost. The husband built me a handy compost bin and he's very proud of himself. I am too.

In the kitchen I have a small glass bowl off to the side and that is where we keep our kitchen compost material. Its pretty cool to see the salad you just didn't eat in time and the bags from your morning tea to be "recycled" instead of going into the scented plastic trash bag and into a landfill. So every day or so I take the bowl of asparagus ends, avocado skin, paper towels, tea bags, egg shells, etc. out to my neat little compost bin that I know won't provide the "Black Gold" soil its is so famous for... for another year to 18 months. Black Gold is worth the wait, especially for vegetable gardens.

Today I was taking the bowl out and it was windy. A paper towel and a large piece of onion skin flew from the bowl. I put the bowl ontop of the compost bin and turned to get the lost compost material. Where the hell was it? It was in my dog Collins' mouth of course. Everything droped, left, or even in your hand, he thinks is his. I quickly called him over and grabbed the onion and paper from his mouth because he can't eat that! Dogs are not supposed to eat onions!

Off to run errands we went after stopping at the corner of 32nd and Zuni at Gallop Cafe for lunch/fuel for the standard weekend supply run. After a tasty lunch, we get back in the car and give the pup a little biscuit from the jar they keep inside. Holy Shit Collins! What happened to your FACE?!

Collins met an onion....

He could have been stung by a bee? A spider bite? But really...? The Onion? Geoffrey and I assume the onion is to blame but wow, he's looking pretty puffy around his nose and the saggy cheek skin that dogs have. Gross material to begin with but when its blown up with inflammation, its even worse! Have you ever seen hitch? That was Collins today but in dog version. Poor puppy!

Then we were on a mission. Call the vet, vet closed, talk to emergency pet service people, learn a visit is $100 to start, decide we need benadryl, find and purchase benadryl, find and purchase treats to administer said benadryl, hope this works! Poor puppy!

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