Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Easter is right around the corner and I want to do something new this year. Geoffrey and I have had different but fun holidays together, meaning with just him and I, we can make it as exciting or simple or off the wall as we want. We don't have any family in the state or within several states of us in fact. So what shall these DINKs (dual income no kids) do for our first Easter as a married couple?

Let me think... what did we do last year for Easter? AH, yes, I had my bachelorette party that weekend and my sister was in town! (I actually had to search my gmail for "Easter", I honestly couldn't remember) We went to the Keystone Lodge and Spa for massages on Easter Sunday. That was a crazy weekend and definately not the traditional Easter! If any of you fellow DINKs or DEWKs (dually employeed with kids) have suggestions of something to do this Easter Sunday, please leave some suggestions!

The year before that, the (then) fiancé and I took a picnic to Cheeseman park. Being from Florida I MUST, MUST, MUST wear a dress on Easter Sunday. It's just not right otherwise! So that year I wore my dress... as well as a scarf.... and hat... and jeans under my dress. Most likely I looked like a bag lady instead of a sunny Easter Sunday girl but I DID wear my dress! I win Colorado! And so it goes this year as well, I'm sure :)

So on the topic of DINKs, I'm not sure why people think that DINKs are so much more well off. I mean, dual income no kids does sound pretty simple but the truth of the matter is we're probably trying to be more responsible now that ever before. Paying off debt, saving up money, skimping on weekly groceries and cutting back on daily bottles wine in order to go out to dinner sometimes or pay a vet bill, using our "spare" spending money to fix up the house. All at the same time, of course. DINKS are often the target of marketing efforts for luxury items such as expensive cars and vacations and boy do I resent that... We share one car, good ole CoCo (an 04 Toyota corolla with a big dent and newly cracked windshield) and the only "expensive" vacation we've taken was our honeymoon... in Mexico.
I'm ready to give up my DINK status but not to convert to DEWK status. How about MSAHDW? Mommy stays at home, daddy works! Sounds good to me and what's so wrong with the good ole days anyway?
I found this excerpt from an article that explains a little more what I'm saying.
~done being DINKS~

Culture Shock
The society is facing a culture shock these days. Earlier, a couple was expected to have a baby within almost a year of marriage. These days, with higher pay packets and both husband and wife working, success is coming easily and they can afford a pretty lavish lifestyle. They get so used to leading an easy life that they forget the joy that kids bring. Though a DINK lifestyle is enjoyable, it is not so forever. After a point, you will start feeling shallow yourself and would want something more than just money and comfort.

Understanding Life…
One needs to understand life and need to know what the main purpose of life is. Agreed, this is the jet-age and cost of living is rising rapidly. At the same time, one should understand that money and a successful career is a means to reach the ultimate goal of life. Money is not an end in itself and one should not stop “living” after earning enough money! Life goes on and finds a way. After all, for whom are you earning this much? Your future is secure already. Let the enjoyment of a lavish lifestyle not over-shadow the purpose of life.

Other Acronyms!
Check out this list of many other such acronyms that may sound funny at a glance but is a serious problem if you introspect seriously. Just hope that one of these doesn’t apply to you! Even if it does, you still have the time to change, prove your worth and get a real life (no offence intended!).

DINKWAD - Double Income No Kids with a Dog
DINKY - Double Income No Kids Yet
YUPPIES - Young Urban Prosperous Professionals
MUPPIES - Middle-age Urban Prosperous Professionals (!)
NOKs - No Kids Couples
DEWKS - Double Employed With Kids (These kinds are “time-poor”)
SINKs - Single Income Numerous Kids (Almost bankrupt!)
ORCHID - One Recent Child; Heavily In Debt (Scary!)
SINBADs - Single Income No Boyfriend and Desperate (Jeez!)
YAVIs - Young Attractive Verbal Intelligent (So many of us!)

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