Saturday, March 20, 2010

Encouraging Spring

The thing about blogging for me, so far, is that I think I over think. Yes, I do think so. This blog is different though, I don't care who reads it or if I have some typos. I'm creating a space where I can put some ideas down and a place to tinker with thoughts.

I began following the blog NieNie Dialogues. Her story is simply amazing. Google it. Stephanie inspires me to say the least and I think many of us followers are being a little more thoughtful, a little more grateful, and contemplative. 

So here I sit, encouraging growth and spring. Winters take it out of me and each year I give myself a big pat on the back for every February I survive. February is one of the hardest months for me living in Denver. Two months after Christmas and the holidays but still two more months before any real promise of warmth returning.

March is then like a slow awakening from a hibernation that instead of living you rested, has left you restLESS and achy. And so I buy seeds. Bird seeds, garden seeds. And then I plant them and spread them and try to sow them. I filled the empty bird feeder and Collins thinks the seeds are for him. Weird dog. 

The wooden feeder looks aged and dry from hanging in the barren tree and being blasted by snow, then sun, then snow, then sun all winter. It takes the birds a little while to find it. In fact, the first time I hung it they didn't come for two weeks! The husband saw me and my pouty face and thinks to throw a few handfuls of seeds onto the roof of the garage. The birds heard them and my yard was full in two hours with happy, round, and fat little birdies :)  I smile and thank him.

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