Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Strawberry Rocks - I did a pin!

You read that right, folks. I actually did a pin that I found on pinterest! How many of us go on Pinterest and pin all kinds of fun and fascinating things, ultimately creating a HUGE to-do list for ourselves that's delusionally optimistic at best? Pinning is addicting but actually implementing some of the tips and to-do's in real life may be even more addicting! Dare I say... I even challenged myself to doing one pin per day? Haha, it was more of a fleeting thought. Let's not kid ourselves.

I started a garden this year! It was a late start due to the landscaping project we had in the works for May-June. All in all I believe we planted about a month late. Our neighbors have gardens and have given us some samples of their zucchini, chard, chives, basil, cayenne peppers, and tomatoes. Can I just say... I'm jealous! Still, we have things growing slowly and one thing that's growing for sure is a pest problem! Currently we have some kind of black mite that is eating our lettuce and several squirrels that steal and bite on everything else. Naturally I called upon the plethora of knowledge found on Pinterest and here is the result:

Rocks painted to look like strawberries! And what do you know? It works! Mostly... 

Squirrel bites! Those sneaky little pests couldn't help but chomp down! As far as the process, I busted out some acrylic paints and found a few strawberry-shaped-rocks. It took a few coats and some drying time but overall, it worked! I will say that these pretty and juicy looking painted rocks attracted the squirrels instead of deterring them. Therefore, I move them around each morning and do not place them right in the strawberry plant, where it would naturally grow, but more dispersed around them. I found that if placed right by the plant, they give the rocks a nibble and then move right onto the blooms and buds.

I also ordered a garden owl on Amazon to scare squirrels and birds away. Look at his face, it makes me laugh! He gets a new perch every morning to keep the pests on their toes ;)

I don't see any birds around but I do know the squirrels are merely amused by the garden owl. Today I sprayed a solution of biodegradable dish soap and water to get rid of mites on the lettuces. Then I sprinkled cayenne pepper around the plants that the squirrels seem to enjoy most: zucchini (flowers only, as we have yet to get any fruits going before they are stollen), tomatoes, and strawberries (or strawberry rocks) because I have heard they won't go sniffing around near it. We shall see! I don't really know what I'm doing but I'm having fun! Here's hoping some sun, water, and love brings a harvest.

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