Friday, July 26, 2013

A typical day

I thought it would be interesting to document what a typical day at home with Asher entails, mostly for my own amusement because at the end of the day I often wonder... "What the hell did we DO today? I'm beat!" It's Friday, mind you, and we are home without the car so we'll be keeping it reeeaaal casual.

5:00am - My alarm goes off... for the first time in weeks... because I decided I should get up early and blog and do yoga. I briefly wake, laugh, and turn it off.

6:45am - Asher stirs, Collins gets on the bed. I go get Asher and his "BANKET" (His only attachment) and put him down. He takes off running and talking and I then I know what type of day I'm in for. Those first morning moments are pretty indicative of his mood for the day. We call dada to say good morning, who is in Houston for work.

7:00 - 8:00am - Getting milk and cereal x 2, making coffee, watching the news and cartoons, changing diapers.

8:15am - Banana Break. The one word he doesn't want to even attempt to say is the word banana. He says "Maaaaa"---> ? Start laundry. We go outside to check on and water the garden, prep the pool water if it's going to be a hot day, water plants, sweep up, reheat coffee x 2. Make a fort for Asher (and Collins). Call my sister to wish her a happy "Golden" birthday.

9:00am - Sit outside with my computer and attempt to blog. I say attempt because in about 3 minutes Asher will need something. He plays in his fort until...

9:05am - Poopy diaper
9:10am - Talk to mom
9:30am - Attempt to blog
9:35am - Asher asks for berries

9:40-10:15am - Attempt to blog... See how it goes? The morning just goes so quickly! Put on Sesame Street and attempt to finish writing. This helps.

11:00am - Put Asher down for nap time, publish blog post! It took all morning, well it took a week to actually sit down and do it, but success at last! Now 'breakfast' for me while catching up on emails, facebook, calling and talking to Geof about travel, and figuring out plans for our weekend...

11:37am - Abandon planning weekend... Getting in 30 minutes of yoga! Then take a chill break before the boy wakes up.

12:30 - 2:00pm - Made a fried egg & Canadian bacon breakfast sandwich for Asher and I to split for lunch. Then we wrestled it off and played with Collins. Put on some music and danced to a few songs. Changed poopy diapers.

2:15pm - Dishes. My least favorite task. Change out laundry, pick up the house. Or attempt to pick up the house. Have you ever done this with a toddler trailing you? Yeah... productive!

2:45 -  4:00pm - Play time and a popsicle break outside. Sweeping up and windexing the table for dinner tonight! Sit down to upload the photos of the day and it starts to sprinkle, naturally. Play ball and trucks with the boy instead. Nevermind, it's perfect and sunny again! Oh, Colorado :)

4:00-4:30pm - Shower, change. It may be 4:00 but it DID happen!

4:30pm - Put Asher down for a few minutes. He normally naps twice per day but some days he goes down to one nap. This transition can't be finished with quick enough! He gets cranky-pants. Watch the weather to see if the rain is going to come or not and decide I had better water the garden. While watering the garden, it starts to rain.

5:00pm - Back inside, Asher is laughing in his crib and I'm going to start dinner.
5:38pm - Dinner is nearly ready and I wonder if I should wake up A?
6:00pm - Dinner is served but Asher is cranky because I woke him up so he doesn't eat much. My dinner was fantastic! The best part is a lot of the ingredients came from my garden and my neighbor's garden. SO LOCAL and fresh! I'll call it:
Summer Garden Pasta: 
A whole wheat pasta with a chunky tomato vegetable sauce: onion, zucchini, garlic, and baby bella mushrooms. Topped with wilted chard and garlic mushrooms, crumbled goat cheese and two types of basil
  and Green Salad: 
homemade balsamic vinaigrette and some of my garden veggies and herbs

6:45pm - Load dishwasher and then back outside for graham crackers and T-Ball.
7:45pm - Back inside to clean up, dry off (he always gets wet outside), change poopy diaper, and get into our PJ's. Three songs, two books, and one tooth brushing later - He's down for the night at 8:00pm.

I should pick up the house again but.... nah. Now to make some tea and chillax in my bedroom. Geof will be home from Houston around 9:30pm but I may already be asleep by then. Yawn....

So I have to go back and read this again but I would say this is a typical day. Switch out the blogging time for laundry some days, or switch out the yoga for a walk in the park or crafting, and then some days the boy won't nap, throws everything he touches, I get nothing accomplished, and he eats frozen sweet potato fries Boca nuggets for dinner. Some days Dada is home and some days he is not. One thing is for sure, I'm blessed to be able to grow, teach, learn, and live this dream every single day!

The hubs is home. Perfect timing!

One Love

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