Friday, July 12, 2013

A spiritual cup o'joe this morning

Check out my new blog-spot. We finally got our patio set after finally getting our backyard landscaped. I sat here this morning after the boy went down for a nap and it was... pure peace. The wind chimes and leaves blowing in the wind, warm coffee and just me alone with my thoughts. Someone pinch me!  Since I'd like to keep up the blogging, I think I'll carve out a moment here each morning for yoga and writing. Summer only lasts so long so I'd better take advantage. Plus...

I've been doing some soul searching this summer. Some spiritual journey is taking place within and all I know about it yet is that it's just. the. beginning. I haven't really told anyone but God about these feelings and yet here I am putting it on a blog post. This is part of the process, to help me feel it through. To help me filter through all the universe is bringing into my life and what I'm giving back in return. Over the years I've lost touch with spirituality and I think that is because I always try to define it, what is my religion and what are the bones of it, instead of just going with my intuition. What are the beliefs in our home? What do we stand for, but more, what do we DO and how do we live? Church was a part of my life growing up but it is not where I go to feel spiritual and to bring God in my life.  I believe in God and I want to deepen my faith and foster spiritual growth so that I can share that with my son and teach him what I know to be true in my heart. A long time friend, Uma, sent me a link to a song today, here it is.  It was just what I was seeking and helped me get to a place I've been trying to find again. One lesson I have relearned as of late, is that if you call to God, God will hear you. It's all up to you if you are open and ready to receive the response.

So, are you listening?

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