Monday, July 8, 2013

I think it's time to start blogging again

Why? Because it's for me! I quit blogging when I found out I was pregnant because that's all I could think about... baby... baby... I'm having a BABY! Because I had such baby brain I didn't want to constantly write about my ideas for his nursery, the theme for my baby shower, and what brand of baby bottles to buy.

I've been "officially" unemployed since June of 2012, but I do have a J-O-B and that's being a stay at home mom to a now 15 month old boy. A toddler. Always keeping me on my toes, he loves to throw rocks... or anything really, chase the dog, and run from his parents when he needs his diaper changed. He's a feisty one, my boy, and lately we've enjoyed letting him loose to explore!

Getting back to blogging will guarantee that I will spend a few moments reflecting on ME and my day. Even bigger, my life! My father told me "not to blink" as you may miss life, whizzing by. This is even more true once you have children and are all consumed and fascinated with guiding them and with watching them grow. So I'd like to blog about it and share it with... you? It won't be well written and perfect. Mistakes will be made. However, it will be another fun journey and a way for this mama to take a moment...
Peace n Love!

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