Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 7 - 30 day challenge

Travels! So far this year I've been going going going. I have been to St. Augustine, FL, Kauai, HI, Richmond and Virginia Beach,VA, and now I'm going to Milwaukee, WI tomorrow! I LOVE to travel, incase you were wondering. HUGE pet peeve = people who say that but never go anywhere. Just freaking GO people! What are you waiting for? GO. { also... Geoffrey might get to come with for a job in the Green Bay area. EEEEK! Fingers crossed for us }

Milwaukee Art Museum
Inside the art museum
 Highlight of the day:
See "EEEK", above! -sending my out of office email! See ya suckas!

Low-light of the day:
Dealing with grumpy-not-a-morning-person-hubby on morning walk - but by end of walk he looked like this:
 (So really, not a bad low-light at all)

Something FUN:
The wings of the "Calatrava" museum open up, then close every day. We saw this last time we were there, pretty neat!

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