Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 12- 30 day challenge

Home again in Denver! Does it feel like summer is pretty much over to you? I feel like it is! I still see the summer food magazines, hear the summer advertisements on the radio, but it's nearly August and summer is on its way out. Is it just me? Not that I'm ready for summer to be over. I think I just have had such a good one with travels and boating and suntans and dresses - I'm looking forward to a 70 degree day after this current heat wave! 11 straight days of 95 plus in Denver. Strange.

Have a look here...

What is that you say? LEAVES! Leaves are falling from our trees already!

Getting home, feels nice to sleep in my own bed

Nada, really!

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  1. Summer is only a month in (technically in terms of the solstice....) Also, leaves fall year round on Kauai....oh and btw, Kauai said she misses you two :)