Thursday, June 16, 2011

What to bring on a beach vacation?

We just got back from 8 days on the North Shore of Kauai. Whoa. That place is INCREDIBLE! I wanted to never ever come back, to forever live in the middle of the blue pacific on the garden island with my toes in the sand and flowers in my hair and ukelele songs playing through my head. The food, the people, the scenery, the sloooowness, the sun, the rain, it was all so very blissful. More posts to come on that, I assure you ;) Until then, I wanted to do a little run down of what I consider 10 essential things to bring on a beach vacation!
 First and foremost - we all love to get sun-kissed, but we have to be smart about it! It's not just about avoiding sunburn, you are protecting your skin from cancer and sun damage for years to come. 

1.Sunblock: Look for a paraben free formula - if you don't know what parabens are, find out here. My favorite brand is Alba botanica, found at any local health food store. Don't wait until you get to the beach to try to buy some, as you may forget and end up with a sunburn that can ruin a beach vacation! 2. Cheap sunglasses: don't bring your most expensive pair! You'll be swimming in the ocean and the pool, then tossing them in your bag when you get to a restaurant, so go buy a few cheap pairs for the trip. 3. Get a beach cover up: You don't want to mess with shorts, t-shirts, and tank tops at the beach, just pull this over and go - pick something that you would feel comfortable wearing into a grocery store or cafe. This one is great because it also has pockets and who doesn't love a dress with pockets? 4. Big floppy hat: Once you get a bit of sun on your face, put a cute floppy hat on - this will help protect your cheekies! A red face = a hot mess...

5. Sandals you can walk in: Don't bring your 4 year old worn out flip flops, as you will likely be doing quite a bit of walking around beachy towns, exploring the sites and sandy beaches. 6. Compact Umbrella: If you're going to the beach, it's probably going to be in a tropical climate, thus a good chance for seasonal rain storms. Don't let it ruin your time, keep a small umbrella in your purse just incase. Also useful for when you've left your hat and you're starting to get too much sun. 7. Maxi Dresses: These are a MUST for tropical weather. Easy, breezy, and the long length is dressy enough to wear to dinner if you want. Pair it with some bangles or a long necklace. 8. Tropical Nail Colors: Pretty fingers and toes make us feel happy and sexy, and on vacation, this is important whether you're with your hubby or maybe looking for Mr. Right... now. {wink}. 9. Shoulder Purse: For hands free walking and a bag that doubles as a beach bag, pick up a cheap over the shoulder purse. Old Navy, $12. 10. Guide books: I can't live without guide books when going someplace new. Foders or Frommers are the go-to's - they will lead you to the best beaches, restaurants, activities, and hidden local spots. Happy travels!

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