Monday, June 20, 2011

Blog love!

Love this - it sounds like "right on" to me, but it's ride on :-) Fun
Sunday fun-day was spent tooling around town on my cruiser with the hubs and the pup! What a goooood day! BUT alas... Monday is here again! One positive about starting the work week is sitting here in front of the computer with ample time to go through the blogs I follow! Who do you follow? How often do you check? Leave a comment and share your blog love with me!

I try to check these every few days, quite a funny variety I have going here so I thought I'd post:
YEP! That's right!
Blog by Tori Spelling - she's crafty!
A college friend and her girlfriends collaborate on this creative, fun, fashionable blog
Blog by mormon mommy Stephanie Nielson - capturing her journey through daily life after a near fatal plane crash
Stephanie and "you" - daily photo journal from Stephanie and a different woman she chooses yearly from another country
Cjane Enjoy It
Mormon mommy blogger, Stephanie's sister Courtney, she's witty and I like her
Cooking, eating, food photography, mothering
Fashion, Design, Photography
Nick - foodie, improver?, semi-celebrity after staring on one of my fav shows: Bethany Ever After
Just a whole bunch of cool shit :)
Such pretty food photos and recipes too
More cool shit - random - and she's funny
Designer, mother, list-maker-sharer
Sort of a big deal chef around Denver - owns Bones, Lou's Food Bar, Mizuna, Luca d'Italia, Osteria Marco
A friend who's about to embark on a journey to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro!
Blog by a creative craft shop owner...
Food blog - practical foods with a healthy twist
All kinds of cool pretty things!
I get Whole Living (by Martha Stewart) emails daily, this is the daily blog

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