Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summery Saturday dinner - Surf and Turf!

We spent the day at the Stapelton pool on Saturday and it totally put us in the mood for grilling out! Since I have been trying to eat more locally and seasonally, we drove by In Season Local Market - only to find out they were closed! (and three minutes early, mind you - nothing worse than showing up at 4:57 when they were supposed to close at 5:00) Sunflower Market is our go-to so we kept on, for our collection of summery goodness! I was inspired by some mozerella, beefsteak tomoato, and fresh basil already at home in my fridge and our hand basket looked like this:

Garlic and herb stuffed tri-color cheese tortolini
Deli fresh basil pesto
LOBSTER TAILS! (on sale for $4.99lb!)
A few bundles of asparagus
NY Strip - one to share
Mini Soy Delicious Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches

And in less than an hour, I had dinner on the table - which was a Mediterranean inspired surf and turf that my husband DEVOURED! He's a lucky man, I keep him well fed and know what plucks his heart strings - good food and lots of lovin {Wink}
My plate

Geoffrey's plate

Caprese salad - tastes like summer!!

Fresh mozzerella, beefsteak tomato, tiny bit of white onion, fresh chopped basil, drizzle of grapeseed oil, and balsamic reduction!

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