Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekends with love

Saturday was full of so much SUMMER, it was perfect! We woke and had a cup of coffee with soy milk in bed while we talked with Geof's family about the upcoming trip to Richmond in two weeks. Geof's sister gave us the idea to go to Virginia Beach for a family beach day. WATER! There are many little ones so we'll see how and if that pans out.

Finally up (9:00am) I talked Geof into walking with me to the farmers market. That's 2.3 miles, about 45 minute walk each way. I love to walk, he thinks its inefficient like paddle boating, which I also happen to love. LOVE. Collins on the line, we started out and made it there in good time. Its such a lovely little area, with the Little Man Ice Cream shop and the flowers and old metal slide and patio there.

There are also Lola (tequilla and mexican food), and Vita, a wine bar/bistro with a nice rooftop patio. Nestled between them all was the farmers market where immediately bought a Peach White iced tea. Then some organic salsa, 3 huge beets w/greens, zucchini and squash, and some homemade puppy treat trail mix for Mr. Buddy. Then we came across a little wine tasting  and learned there is a little "wine row" of wineries on 46th and Pecos, just a few blocks from our house! Joy! We started our treck home but stopped at Gallop Cafe here at 32nd and Zuni where I ordered a mimosa and a slice of quiche and Geoffrey ordered a French hen with potatoes (butter croissant with bacon, egg, cheese). Collins had his trail mix and some water and some rest.

On our walk it turned BLAZING hot at (12:30pm) and the last 15 minutes of the walk were no fun at all. Without any AC our house is not very comfortable so we put on bathing suits, grabbed the essentials (frizbee, paddle ball, water, towels, sunblock, chairs, water bowl), and headed to Golden where Geof wanted to swim in Clear Creek.

It's a Colorado thing. I understand the ocean but I do not understand rapids and the uncertaintiy of flash flooding and rivers that flow from 14,000 feet above sea level. They scare me, I should say. BUT, I too splash around in the rivers and creeks here (while keeping a respectful safety distance from anything considred deep or fast). We witnessed the offbeat wedding of Liz and Larry, a country/rock couple who had guitar shaped fans for programs, played a Metalica version of "here comes the bride" on an electric guiater, a wiener dog for a ring bearer, all positioned right in front of Cleer Creek where dozens of people were floating down on big colorful plastic tubes or Alligator shaped boats... After our swim/dip/splash/play/cool off we went to the Golden Hotel at the Bridgewater Grill and had an appetizer plus libation. Crabby cake, small cheese plate with fruit, and a forest mushroom spread, as the evening approached and we sipped it all up. ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Sunday consisted of yoga and hammock time. Enough said?

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