Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thurs mornin is yoga mornin

Today we started the day with some yoga in the park. I loooove doing yoga in the park in the early morning. It is my favorite time of day, when the sun is rising still, making long dark shadows across the grass which is wet and squishy and happy. Everything smells fresh and full of possibility.

One of my favorite things about doing yoga out in the park is the view. Yes, the grass and the trees and the pups running around are all part of the revolving scene. But what I'm talking about is this:
Its a total change of perspective, looking at the world in a new way and it makes me smile EVERY TIME! This isn't the actual view from the park downtown but you get the idea. Upside down is right side up in downward dog. It's fun to play with things during your practice. Like maybe a little bit of this:

No, this is not me and no, this is not my baby but is is happy, isn't it baby? :) This pose used to annoy me... like really, what is the point of this, I'm not feeling anything going on here, what am I missing? But today I realized the full expression, rolling around on my mat with the clouds above and the moon above and the upside down trees and the upside down cars making me smile into my hips.

Yoga in the park is a yummy breakfast and I don't feel guilty if (mostly) every time I set my intention: it is for ME. All for me like a big yummy breakfast for me to gobble up. And I do, believe me.

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