Thursday, June 17, 2010


Dear John,

Thank you for pulling me out of my funk this morning. Well, maybe not fully but you have helped! Here comes the sun, it's alright. Turn it up, listen again. Today, I'm going to rant. Because I can. Why don't you leave a comment and tell me what you think? Agree? Disagree? Shut the F' up? It's all good with me.

I stayed up too late last night watching Shutter Island. The ending left me annoyed, does anyone else not understand and want answers?! To live as a monster or to die as a good man. Does he get a lobotomy by choice? Is he insane or not? Ambiguity leaves me restless.

Public restrooms. Ummmkay. Work, for instance. 5 stalls to choose from. Why the F' do people come in and go into the stall right next to you if there are several open NOT next to you? It creeps me out, dude. It's like they would rather be in the stall WITH you, I mean, I get that its a public bathroom but for F's sake, a little privacy please?! And how about the awkward standoff when you have to go #2? There is nothing worse. Seriously. There's no way I'm going #2 with someone else in the room, are you really waiting for it? Are you waiting for me to poo so you can poo too? Gee thanks, I'm out. You win the standoff, I'll be back later. F'!

Turn it up, listen again. Keep calm and carry on. Or...
On to more important things. Or not. I've been traveling a lot lately. Every 3rd week for the past few months I've been out of town. Fabulous? F' yeah. Double edge sword? Yup. It makes me want to quit my job and live like a "hippy", growing my own food, wearing flowy dresses with braids in my hair and seashells around my neck, making babies with my husband, taking 100 photos a day of everything and nothing, cleaning things and polishing things and painting things and rearranging, cooking... lots of cooking, playing games with my puppy, writing, reading... lots of reading, long walks, watching birds. You know, the REAL stuff. The GOOD stuff.

Not everyone wants that life but I sure do (or do you? c'mon, admit it).Work sucks, dude. Career building workshops. Vacation accrual, sitting here day after day only to earn more time away from here. Funny. Listening to your boss' bad jokes day after day after... you get it. Goodbye cookies? FML. But we do what we do because we have to. What do you do to make your 9-5 tollerable? Posting little things in your cube. A photo. A fun calendar. A tea mug from home. The wallpaper for your desktop, thats very important isn't it? That REALLY defines you, really helps you make a statement: This is ME within the sea of cubes. Is your sssshhhtapler prettier than the others? Do people stop by and comment on it and then thats what you talk about for like 10 minutes? It's painful. Really. On the up-side, I'm blogging at work. I chat at work, facebook at work, read at work. Hell, I even taught myself how to knit at work... but I got in trouble for that one. My responce: "would you rather me be searching the internet?" boss: "yes". HA! Alrighty then...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not ungrateful for my job. I do appreciate it very much. I like my coworkers, bonus! I'm just not a career woman. I'm throwback. But modern. I've not always been this way either, I thought my career would be everything to me growing up. I like options. I appreciate all the hard work women have put in to create equality in the work place, in the world, but what's wrong with a little bit of this?:

Turn it up, listen again. Have you seen Keep Calm and Carry On before? If not, or even if you have, here's where it came from:

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  1. Ok, so maybe I was a little on edge that morning. But the thing is, I let myself "have a day". And then tomorrow, I start again and I do not feel guilty for feeling. Let yourself feel but be productive about it. See?