Monday, June 7, 2010

Aloha - day 5

Only two more days left in Hawaii! What to do... what to do?... We decided that we should make today a beach day! Can't go wrong there right? Tomorrow is Friday and we have the entire day to hang out, our flight is at 8:40pm and we will be flying all night. BUT, we have to check out of our hotel at noon and so we won't want to be beachy sandy surfy after that for our long flight home. SO, today we go beach!

We started out by going to Diamond Head Park, where we were going to hike up to the tippity top of the crater for amazing views. Upon arrival though, the parking lot was already full (at 9:00 am) and they told us to come back after 1:00pm. That was a bummer so we took a few photos from as high up as we could get in our car (the hike wouldn't have been that bad at all, just time consuming so we didn't want to spend 3 hours in one spot today!) We drove down to Diamond Head Beach because Geof wanted to check the surf, see if he wanted to get a board and if I wanted to beach it up there. It was rough, a bit too windy so we headed back to Waikiki and Ala Moana.

Geoffrey rented himself a surfboard downtown and picked a nice spot for chillin for a few hours at Ala Moana. Its a little less touristy than Waikiki and more of a local vibe I guess. Lots of little Hawaiian bebes runnin around :)

After several hours at the beach we went back to the hotel and had a cocktail poolside. Then showered and got ready to go to a reallly cool spot to have another, YES ANOTHER, drink at RumFire before we had dinner at the Ocean House.

Ocean House was no less than AMAZING, of course. We had some local seafood again, and another salad with those yummers Maui Onions! While waiting, we stepped out onto the beach and Geof got me another beautiful fresh Lei. I wish we all wore flowers every day back on the mainland! It makes you feel (and look) so pretty :)

(another lei shot)

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