Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday - Fun Times!

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Not that we need an excuse to go out, but Friday is the perfect time to blow off responsible things, like the gym, and head out in Denver to see what's new. There's ALWAYS something new to check out. This Friday we ventured from our usual Highlands and LoHi happy hour and dinner spots and headed to Cherry Creek. We parked in front of Sushi Tazu, a favorite of ours when we lived closer in Capital Hill, and went in for a bite. We had the yellowtail sashimi, the Volcano Roll, the Rainbow Roll, and some Garlic-Veggie Gyoza. For a happy hour special they served us 2-for-1 hot sake. The yellowtail was the best, so fresh and amazing! As we left I took note of the entirely full restaurant and the laid back family style vibe - it was a nice departure from the typical crowd at most sushi restaurants in Denver. Try it out, I think you'll like it! {they even have fancy toilets that had all kinds of buttons for drying and washing and such - I'm not into that in a public bathroom but hey, some people might be} Sushi Tazu

Instead of going to a movie {since we couldn't decide on one and we're waiting on the Hangover 2 to come out next week} we took a stroll down the block where Geof saw some "Tequilla Umbrellas" which is never a bad thing, right? Turned out to be a great find! As we approached Machete Tequila & Taco Bar, some Slightly Stupid was playing at a fun volume and the chatter inside poured out of the full restaurant. Wally, the owner, quickly approached and asked us if we were alright with a small wait, as this was the 5th day they were open and it was a full house! We had jackets on so decided to belly up to the outdoor bar that looked into the restaurant - much like Lola's. Wally was stoked on this so he said he'd give us a shot for being cool. Who could say no to that? It's Colorado, so a slightly chilly and overcast day on a patio is really pretty standard for us! He served up three shots in thick glass shotglasses with blue rims on top, the exact style {of wine goblets} we brought back from our honeymooon in Mexico.  I like this place already!

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Geof ordered a Ginger Margarita and I the Skinny Margarita
I'm all about supporting new places with good people, good ideas, good food and drinks, and a great vibe and I encourage you to as well! At Machete the menu is simple street taco style and creative combinations of tequila based drinks - I see this being a great spot to post up on a sunny Sunday, for hours of pura vida!

If you don't know about the skinnygirl margarita - get with it already! It's a to-die-for recipe by Bethany Frankel, for a 100'ish calorie "skinny" margarita and a new FAV of mine! You can purchase in the bottle at liquor stores or make your own, which is what I always do. Want the recipe? You know you do! Any time I go out to a place that is known for margaritas, I try their version of a "skinny" marg. Most places have some version of it because it is made of tequilla and lime juice primarily, bolstered with agave or triple sec and a salt rim on the rocks. Perfection!

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