Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Artist Love - Bill Zindel

Poking around the internet and into the MASSIVE blogging world is such a fun way to spend time. If you don't do it, I highly suggest it. Find a blog you love, check it often, check the blog links on that blog, and before you know it you've found a treasure trove of anything you can imagine. Restaurants, art, photography, parenting, religion, design, finance, fashion, crafting, cooking, travel, and of course, celebrity blogs! { Everyone has one - really } Technically, I'm working here but heeeey - we all know we steal a few minutes each day for ourselves and to pour over the internet like it is the newest great-magazine-made-just-for-me to hit the shelves. Oh the joy! Today I was inspired to search for Typography in Fashion and ended up on Kate Spade's website, Play - which has so much EYE CANDY including "A Blog About Color", you have to see for yourself! 

Click: Things we Love.  
{ Ohhh ahhh fuuun }
Click: Things We Love Spring 2011
{ Nice, check that out - an old floppy disc turned mixed media art. I like }

 So what started on a typewriter key ring on Etsy led me within just a few minutes to an artist and graphic designer that I might just be in love with...  Yep, I said it: LoVe!

Turns out he has designed for Chipotle, Visa, Cisco, and many others.
Check it out. Get Inspired! 
See photostream here:

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