Sunday, January 2, 2011

This new year...

I'm so excited about this new year! I'm not one for resolutions, but I am one for change, growth, and challenges. First and foremost I want to cleanse my life thoroughly, letting go of what does not serve me anymore! Inviting in good, releasing the bad.


Beat that! Now, I say this after having a long year of not really feeling like myself and definitely NOT the best version of myself! It's been an interesting up and down year. We've been trying to get pregnant but my body is all out of whack after getting off of the pill. The idea that it might not be that easy to have a baby right when I wanted was a heavy burden and brought me down for sure. Over the holidays I've set that aside and just have been trying to refocus on what used to bring me pleasure and balance. The simple things!

I need to get back to: Waking up early and taking a long walk. Herbal tea. Vitamins. Sleep. Less wine and indulgences. Being creative and artistic. The feeling of being "unplugged". To be outside and barefoot in nature. Travel. Healthy foods and cooking at home. Riding my new bike!

The holidays mix up your daily way of life. Rushing around, putting yourself last in order to give more to others, spending money, making money to spend... So it is getting back to that natural way of life that makes the new year so special. It is the _________ you get to fill in. The new start. The forgiveness and healing, opening your heart to let in all the good things life will bring. If you have faith, good things will come.

September 29, 2011 will be my golden birthday and I'm already thinking about a big GOLDEN celebration! I'm ready to get my hands dirty, to challenge myself, to be the best version of myself - even if it is intimidating. I deserve it :)

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